So, who are Troy Accounting?



We are friends who have known each other since school and still share the same values and interests in both personal and business life.  We are an amazing team who support each other, and most importantly as individuals, we are what you see – genuine and passionate about everything we do.  Whether it’s salsa or reading, travelling or walking in the woods, producing accounts or strategic business development, we are enthusiastic about it all.  Our energies are channelled into doing the best we can for ourselves and most importantly for our clients.

We are both qualified accountants and over the years have worked in traditional accounting practices and a variety of corporate businesses.  Between us, we have a wealth of accounting and business knowledge – 40 years dare we admit!  At one time, we worked together in the corporate world and are excited to say that we are now working together again in our own business.

We care about our clients and their aspirations and will do everything we can to support them in their journey to success, no matter what that looks like.