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Start With WHY by Simon Sinek

Date: Feb 27, 2021

Start With WHY by Simon Sinek

People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it

Yes absolutely they do, but have you ever tried explaining to someone why you do what you do? It’s harder than you think.

This book is a great eye opener as to why you really do what you do. Why you sometimes feel “off” with a decision or with a person but then feel so in sync with someone else or really settled and happy with a business decision. It all comes down to our values and our beliefs.

As Simon says in his book “This is not an opinion, this is biology”. There is a basic human need to belong as when we feel we belong, we feel connected and safe.

I discovered Simon Sinek and his Golden Circle concept back in 2014 when I saw him in a Ted Talk online. The concept is that there are three circles. The inner circle is WHY, then it is HOW and finally the outer circle is WHAT. We’re normally pretty good at explaining How and What we do as that consumes our day to day life and how we run our business but it is so difficult to explain your Why at a really granular level rather than just something like “I want to make a difference”.

Is it worth investing the time in yourself to discover this? Yes 100%.

How do I know? Boo and I have completed Simon Sinek’s courses on finding your WHY and how to really start living your life by it. I can promise we don’t get commission from these courses but have instead seen the impact it has had on our daily lives and how we run and evolve Troy Accounting.

It can be really hard as a business owner to properly take time out of your business to invest time in yourself. Boo and I have consciously been trying to be better at this over the last 12 months as we have seen the positive changes that happen when we do. We are happier, we are more able to be our true selves, we are attracting clients that see us as an investment in their future and we’re making a difference in their world too.

Why is that the case? The What and How we do things is more consistent with our Why.

If you’ve met either Boo or myself you’ll know that even though we are two very different individuals who have had different life paths we’re really in sync when it comes to Troy Accounting and if you speak to one of us you would get the same answer from the other person.

99.9% of the time we are in total agreement on every decision and that’s not because one person is having to compromise, it’s because even though our WHY statements are different and unique to us the way we run Troy allows us to be true to our individual WHY statements.

So what are our WHY statements? We’re happy to share and really recommend that you discover your own WHY too.

Helen’s Why is:

I want to inspire others so that we can all live boldly and create lives we love and can live fully as ourselves

Boo’s Why is:

To encourage others so that we can see the opportunities around us and make changes to live a fulfilled life