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Adapting to Change

Date: Apr 01, 2022

Adapting to Change

by Sue Dowding

Over the last two and a half years my life has changed massively. So how have I survived these personal and work changes? What have I learnt along the way to make my journey in life the best it can be?

Personal life

I have never lived on my own and after 20 years of living with someone I found myself moving into a house with my young boys on my own. Covid then struck and we all went into lockdown. I suddenly had no support from anyone, I really was doing this on my own! So, I could either fall to pieces or use it to my advantage and enjoy all this extra time I had to spend with my boys. I chose to have a positive mindset and turn this difficult situation into one where I was making memories. Teaching for them became walks outside in the fresh air and learning about what we found along the way, whilst for me it meant having that special time with my kids. I embraced this change of living on my own, I found it easier to do that then worry unnecessarily about what the future may hold. At the end of the day, we make our own future.

Work life

I have worked in a variety of places from a Bank, a large Pension firm and then to a small office within the hospital. When my sister approached me about working for her Accountancy Business, I felt honoured she had asked me but wondered if I would be able to do the work as Accountancy isn’t my field. I was really lucky as Helen made me feel I could contribute to her business. I decided to take this big step and start working in something I knew nothing about.

This massive change has enabled me to learn new skills which I continue to work on. For example, I have learnt how to onboard new clients, what information is required for me to do this, how to set them up on various different systems and I have documented the process from start to finish to help other people coming into the business. This is a key part of my role and has taught me about the basics of Accountancy and that although my background isn’t this field, I have learnt how I can become an important part of Troy Accounting.

I love that my job is varied in this role, from onboarding, marketing and researching to writing procedures for the business. This just shows that you need to challenge yourself through life otherwise how will you ever know just what you can achieve.

During lockdown brought another challenge and more changes, working full time at home and doing all Team Huddles and 121’s through Teams over the internet. During my different roles over time, one thing that I had a fear over was talking on the phone and not being face to face. So, this was a huge hurdle for me to overcome. Again, I learnt you need to push your boundaries and test yourself to achieve things in life and yes you might feel uncomfortable at times, but the feeling of achievement is just amazing.

Change can be very unnerving, scary, or worrying for some people but if you can be brave and take that step forward then there is no limit to what you can achieve in your life.