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The Fear Bubble by Ant Middleton

Date: Oct 25, 2021

The Fear Bubble by Ant Middleton

Harness fear and live without limits.

“Fear is not the enemy. It is the energy that propels you”.

Ant teaches you in this book how to harness the power of fear and understand the positive force that it can become.

This was a book I was so excited to read because it was not only talking about the Fear Bubble but about an incredible achievement as well with him climbing Mount Everest. It takes me a while to read a book, but this was a good thing as it gave me time to think and digest exactly what he was talking about and relate it to my own work and personal life.

The main part of the book is about the different stages of the Fear Bubble (the fear of suffering, the fear of failing and the fear of conflict) and how he has used that throughout his career and personal life. How he has even taught his children that when in a Martial Arts tournament, to harness that fear and understand the emotions that your body goes through when it fears something.

Ant takes you on a journey of his life from in the SBS, being sent to prison, being the Chief Instructor in the SAS TV show and finally how he climbed Everest because he needed to feel the fear again that he craved so badly. He explains how fear of failure can be the biggest motivator and if you learn to properly harness and control the fear of failure it can be your best friend in moments of severe anxiety and dread. It will be there to serve you in many of your most desperate moments.

What I realised quite early on in this book is that Ant is a very different person to that he had been portrayed as in the SAS show. He knows exactly his own traits and therefore no one can hurt him by any opinions or comments. The Fear Bubble isn’t just a made-up thing, he has used this technique and way of living throughout his adult life and explains all in the book.

It makes you look at your own life and how now you know about the Fear Bubble, it gives you a sense of control as you now have an understanding of what fear is all about and how to channel it.

I found this an excellent read and what I have learnt has already helped me in my personal and working life. I would highly recommend reading it.



Sue x