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Is brand misunderstood?

Date: Jul 12, 2021

Is brand misunderstood?

Q&A Monday | Season 3 | Episode 4 | Question 2 | With Daniel J. Moore of Iron Dragon Design.

Is brand misunderstood?

Daniel J. Moore answered this one for us in our most recent Q&A.

“Yes, quite frequently. One of the key misunderstandings I tend to find with people is that they believe the entire brand is in a logo, and that’s it. That is probably the biggest gripe I tend to have, when people think “I’ve done a logo, therefore I have a brand.”


The logo itself is quite often a key player in the brand, it’s very important to the brand because it says a lot. But it is not the be all and end all. And actually a lot of everything that goes and comes around the logo supports it, creates it and makes it into an icon that becomes memorable.

So I’m talking about things like your perception, your voice, how you come across to people.

All of that is very important to the brand. Funnily enough, the brand itself isn’t something you have direct control over. You can influence it, which is what we use branding for, but the brand itself is how you are perceived by your audience.

That is what your actual brand is, how people feel when they interact with you.

That is the most important thing about the brand.”