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Is it time to reintroduce some formality?

Date: Mar 29, 2021

Is it time to reintroduce some formality?

Q&A Monday | Season 3 | Episode 1 | Question 3

Do you think we need to reintroduce some formality?

We recently put your questions to Linda Taylor a HR Specialist from The Employee Relations Consultancy, and here are her thoughts on this one.

“I’ve enjoyed the relaxed informal approach over lockdown but do you think we need to reintroduce some formality?”

Linda: I do, I think as you rightly say a lot of people have enjoyed the really relaxed informality and I would think for most businesses they would want to keep something of that going forward. However, I do feel from a Human Resources perspective we now need to start having a set policy for working from home because there are lots of things to think about.

Lots of things that have came up for me over the past year are things like insurance, do you need to let your insurer know you’re working from home? Do you need to let your mortgage company or landlord know? Some other things have been secure data storage, is your laptop a work laptop? In which case it really needs to be kept just for work. If you’ve got hard copy data, how and where is that being stored?

So there are lots of things like that to think about that we haven’t had time to because of what we’re been dealing with, but if it is now going to be a permanent arrangement it would be a really good idea. Another thing to think about would be team meetings. If you have a team working from home, when possible let’s bring them all into a venue, it doesn’t have to be office space. It can be anywhere to have a regular, once a month or so, team meeting because everyone I think is missing that real sort of human face to face connection.