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It was our Birthday!

Date: Dec 04, 2020

It was our Birthday!

IT WAS OUR BIRTHDAY on 22nd November !!

It's crazy to think how fast these past 4 years have flown by!

As we blow out our candles, we just want to really say a big thank you to all our clients, connections, friends and family that have supported us on this journey over the years.


We have a very exciting year ahead with a few announcements coming throughout 2021 as we continue to grow the business, so stay tuned, WATCH THIS SPACE!


 An assortment of cupcakes.

It seems that life is more difficult now but being on lockdown doesn’t have to be boring!

We kept ourselves occupied whilst staying safe this Autumn. Here's some of the things that the team have been up to in November:

  • Baking treats - Emilia is the baker in team Troy and has been discovering if cupcakes with a hint of alcohol can work - check out the photo above!
  • Exercising - Helen has been out walking her dog, Jack, and dancing salsa every Wednesday via a Zoom class
  • Doing things we’ve been putting off forever - Boo decided that it was time to get the pictures back up in her office so she set her husband Tim off on the task whilst she worked
  • Getting lost in books & movies - the Christmas movies have started which must have inspired Sue and her boys as the Christmas tree went up early

Perhaps having a little “Watchathon” sounds like a good idea in the absence of cinema releases? You can have a break from the day to day routine for a while. Emilia really enjoyed “Jingle Jangle”, a festive musical about the iconic toymaker and his adventurous granddaughter ... so grab a popcorn and relax!




For many of us, it has been a very challenging and difficult year and here at Troy we are thankful for our clients support. We hope the information and advice we have been giving to our clients through this pandemic has been helpful and eased what has been a difficult time.




Monday Q&A is our weekly feature where we answer any questions you might have. We have absolutely no idea what the questions will be until we're being asked them.

It doesn’t particularly have to be accountancy related, it might be that burning question as a business owner you just need to ask someone.

If you have any questions you can direct message us through one of the social media platforms or email us at

Here are some of the questions we've received in November:

Would you have any advice for someone that has recently lost their job?

I’ve seen it said a few times that 2021 is going to be the year of startups but what’s your thoughts on this? Is now the time to go starting a company?

What is the best cloud based accounting software?

What keeps you motivated?

What is your top tip for those doing their own bookkeeping?




 Black box thinking by matthew syed.

If you didn't see our latest Book Review on social media you can catch up here:


Read and reviewed by Helen "So as the title might suggest this book gets you thinking - Big Time !!"



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