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Not A Life Coach by James Smith

Date: May 28, 2021

Not A Life Coach by James Smith

I’ve followed James Smith as a personal trainer for several years and have been a member of his online Academy from the early days. In this academy he provides access to videos on how to train, training programmes you can design yourself and how to learn about nutrition. It is all about empowering others through knowledge. Sound familiar?

His first book “Not A Diet Book” pulled together all the things I would be learning either from his academy or his Facebook lives. So, when he wrote a second book called “Not a Life Coach” which was all about pushing your boundaries, unlocking your potential and redefining your life, I was there in the pre-order queue.

I’m really interested in how your mindset can really impact your life and your decisions. This has been a theme for me and follows on from other books I have read as my curiosity on this subject grows and as I’ve been taking the time to assess myself. You are not always a fixed or a growth mindset. You can have different elements at play in different areas of your life.

For me, this book was all about expanding my knowledge and the way that I communicate with myself. I’m sure we all know how this can have a positive or negative effect on ourselves in the things we do, what we think we can achieve and our outlook on life.

Whilst reading the book there are references to other people that I had previously listened to or read articles from and so for me the engagement with the book was quite personal.

It's amazing how a shift in mindset can change your personal story whether that’s for fitness, life in general, your business and how those small changes can multiply and become much more.

James covers everything from

  • who you are and the different versions of you that are displayed to the outside world,
  • realising your values and how this impacts you,
  • how mindset and possibly your limiting beliefs are stopping you, and
  • how you can make changes to move forward differently

For me this is an on-going journey of discovery and I have some great quotes and book recommendations from reading this. The most important thing I took away is bringing a realisation to my own life and how I can change and influence it in a positive way. I feel like a sponge wanting to absorb and continually learn more about the topics covered in this book. I was left wanting to hear more and have been inspired to actually make some changes.

I hope it inspires you and opens your mind to a wealth of possibilities that you did not know existed just by shifting your mindset and your story.