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Q&A Monday!

Date: Jul 13, 2020

Q&A Monday!

For the past 4 months the whole world has seen some turbulent times. There have been so many changes to our everyday life as we each face the uncertainty, confusion and doubts created from the bombardment of daily announcements and ever moving goal posts.

Throughout this pandemic we’ve been here, supporting our clients, helping wherever we can and fielding questions… but we’re sure there’s more out there, more questions, advice and clarity we could give. Not just related to Covid – lots of the questions we’ve received have been about diversifying the business or improving processes or financial planning. Anything and everything!!

So we put it to you, ask us a question and we’ll answer it in our latest weekly feature Q&A MONDAY. It doesn’t have to be Covid related and it doesn’t particularly have to be accountancy related – anything goes (within reason of course!)…

But the gloves are off,


Each week we’ll review the questions submitted and post them along with our answers and advice in a video across our social channels every Monday afternoon.

Click [here] to email your latest questions, message us directly or leave a comment on any of our Q&A Monday posts to be featured.

We look forward to your questions

Helen & Boo 

Just a side note, if your query is of an urgent or private matter please do feel free to get in touch though the usual platforms.