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Reach Out by Molly Beck

Date: May 14, 2021

Reach Out by Molly Beck

This is a great book to introduce you to the world of connections and how your network can not just help you, but also how you can help others.

Even as a seasoned networker, or someone who has a good network around them, there are some great reminders on how you can engage with people even if you do not know them.

There is a focus on using connections to help your career from leaving university, to stepping up the career ladder, or even going after that dream job, but that shouldn’t put you off. It is amazing how much you forget as life happens and it’s good to bring yourself back to the basics that work.

As a business owner your connections are key. For everything from your own personal development as an individual through to being able to connect other businesses you think might work well together. Making new connections is not about YOU it’s about THEM.

In the book it talks about how you can, if you wish, build your own Reaching Out Strategy. One of the most important things emphasised is “what will you gift to the person you’re connecting with without any guarantee of a reply?”

A gift isn’t necessarily something that you have had to buy. It could be something as simple as a compliment or a book recommendation that you think they might like.

How can you know what to write in that first contact? Molly gives you suggestions on how you can find out more about the person you want to connect with so that your message is relevant and not generic.

It might be that they are a friend of a friend, so reach out to your friend and ask to connect you. Make sure that your friend has told their friend that they have done this, so your message doesn’t come out of the blue.

If it’s someone you don’t know but you’ve perhaps read an article they written, or you’ve seen something they’ve shared on social that you really resonate with then this could be your compliment or recommendation.

Molly gives examples throughout on where reaching out has worked and how new connections, and in some case new friends, have then ended up helping others at that opportune moment.

If you have never networked before then Molly gives you ideas and a basic conversation layout to get you started. So, no need to worry about walking into a roomful of strangers anymore as you will be armed with a conversation plan that will probably fit on a post-it note.

Reaching out can be scary but also extremely rewarding and this book gives you the tools to do just that. Who knows what will happen and what those connections may bring? New opportunities are always around the corner.