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Season 1 - Episode 1

Date: Jul 20, 2020

Season 1 - Episode 1

In this weeks instalment we cover…

00:05 - Are dividends a thing of the past?

00:48 - What advice would you give for businesses that have fallen though the cracks, ie. no premises, pay themselves though dividends and are above the thresholds for other types of support arising from COVID-19?

02:12 - As a small B2B business should I voluntarily register for VAT or wait until I meet the threshold?

03:30 - Why should only certain industries benefit from a VAT reduction, I’m still having to charge 20%?

05:51 - Please clarify how the change to 5% VAT impacts different businesses and for our business, which is guest houses, what things do we need to consider?

08:08 - Can you tell me the winning lottery numbers please? Specifically this Friday.

09:36 - What are the benefits of annual PAYE versus monthly PAYE?

12:09 - How do you feel that the huge cost of COVID will be recouped by the government? Do you think taxes of businesses will be altered to cover a big chunk of it?

13:29 - How does a baby chick breathe inside the egg?

14:59 I recently started my first company, I know I probably need an accountant, but what for? What is it you do?

20:00 - Boo, what an interesting name. Is it short for something?

21:58 - I’ve had business partners before and after 6 months wanted to throw them through a window, you’ve known each other since school, are you all harmonious or are there occasional fights and disagreements? If not how do you think you both make it work so well?

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