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Season 1 - Episode 2

Date: Jul 27, 2020

Season 1 - Episode 2

We're excited to bring you the 2nd instalment of Q&A Monday!

In this weeks episode we cover questions on Space, Covid Support, Bookkeeping Software, Taking On Staff and Apprenticeships among a few other topics.

Question 1:

0:23 - "I've been out of work for several years whilst raising a family. I've recently began freelancing, what and how do I need to register or do first?"

Question 2:

02:56 - "What changes has COVID meant to your and how you help your clients?"

Question 3:

06:32 - "Is there somewhere where I can find out all that my business might be entitled to in the ways of COVID support?"

Question 4:

06:55 - "What is π x 3?"

Question 5:

07:43 - "What sort of things can I do to make both our lives easier when it comes to my accounting requirements?"

Question 6:

10:37 - "Which would you say is the best accounting software to use for a business starting out?"

Question 7:

11:59 - "I'm looking to take on my first employee, what do I need to prepare for this?"

Question 8:

13:39 - "The government recently announced grants for taking on apprenticeships, how do I find out more on these?"

Question 9:

16:13 - "What are the most common mistakes you see businesses make?"

Question 10:

18:50 - "How big is space?"