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Season 1 - Episode 3

Date: Aug 03, 2020

Season 1 - Episode 3

In this weeks edition we cover:

Question 1:

0:25 - "Are there any tax benefits or expenses allowable for employees that are moving from office working to working from home?"

Question 2:

01:06 - "For each of you, what is your favourite book?"

Question 3:

03:31 - "If you were not accountants what would you be doing instead?!"

Question 4:

04:31 - "What advice would you give to the many now facing redundancies, both for the businesses and the employees?"

Question 5:

08:19 - "What advice would you give to both the current business owner and the incoming one if you were about to be offered shares in a business that you were already an employee of?"

Question 6:

10:30 - "Who is your most inspirational person?"

Question 7:

12:22 - "What has been your most cringiest outfit?"

Question 8:

14:38 - "Who was your pop idol when you were growing up?"

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