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Season 1 - Episode 5

Date: Aug 17, 2020

Season 1 - Episode 5

It’s time for our penultimate episode in this season!

Here are some of the questions put to us this week:

Question 1:

0:07 - Do you help people manage their cashflow and help them get a better understanding of the financial side of their business?

Question 2:

02:15 - I’m an event coordinator - are there any allowable exemptions on things I may use as props or materials that may typically not be allowable expenses?

Question 3:

03:41 - My business is growing, I’ve gone from just me to a few members of staff and now taking on much larger contracts. What things do I need to consider?

Question 4:

05:38 - Last week Helen said; “I like maths… you know as much as reading a book or dancing Salsa…” but HOLD UP here, can Helen actually dance the Salsa? Pictures or it didn’t happen!

Question 5:

06:50 - I really enjoy these Q&A talks. Where do you see Troy going in 5 years? What are your future plans?

Question 6:

8:13 - I’m currently self-employed running an online publication and my main revenue is google ad-sense. As I’m now nearing the VAT threshold I am starting to debate, would I be better off registering as a limited company? I am also curious how the vat side of things will affect or work with my ad-sense revenue.

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