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Season 1 - Episode 6

Date: Aug 24, 2020

Season 1 - Episode 6

In this Season Finale of Q&A Monday!

Quest host Lee Thomas challenges us with 7 of your questions:

Question 1:

01:05 - If I’m using Xero do I still need to keep physical copies of receipts, statements, records, etc?

Question 2:

03:29 - I recently purchased a buy to let, do I need to declare any income? What is the best structure for this?

Question 3:

05:37 - What’s the difference between certified and chartered accountants?

Question 4:

08:36 - Other than an employee incentive are there any benefits to me offering life insurance, private health care etc to my employees?

Question 5:

13:41 - Is it difficult to change accountants?

Question 6:

18:44 - I’m confused about pensions, is the auto enrolled setup separate to a state pension? If I pay myself solely through dividends do I forfeit a state pension? Are private pensions recommended or would I be better building my own savings and investments?

Question 7:

21:57 - Are you more likely to be eaten by a shark or a lion?

We’ll be back with Season 2 in the Autumn, so be sure to like, follow, subscribe and send your questions into [email protected], direct message us or comment below.

Thank you for all the questions and support in our first season.

Helen, Boo and all the Troy Accounting team.