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Season 2 - Episode 1

Date: Nov 09, 2020

Season 2 - Episode 1

Q&A Monday is back!

Our #AskUsAnything feature is now back, facing its second season and in this weeks episode we field your questions on COVID, Self-Help Books and Christmas...

Question 1:

0:11 - At the start of lockdown, my business was only a few months old, so I wasn’t eligible for any support or grants. With a 2nd lockdown now ahead, do you think this will reset? Will there be a new release on applications and would I be eligible now having traded over a year?

Question 2:

01:59 - I have a number of overdue invoices, I’ve tried to be lenient but this really is having a negative impact on my business. A few clients have came to arrangements, but a few also seem to be avoiding me. What should I do? Am I right to feel this is not the right climate to escalate things further?

Question 3:

05:46 - I really like the book reviews and must say I thoroughly enjoyed and got a lot of value from Eat That Frog, are there anymore like this that you could recommend?

Question 4:

09:45 - If all lockdown travel restrictions locally, nationally, globally, were put aside where is the one place you’d most like to go?

Question 5:

12:44 - I don’t really get along with Xero or Quickbooks, I don’t know why I just can’t gel with them, I get on better with Sage One. Admitting it makes me feel like a lesser citizen in the business community. But it’s ok right?

Question 6:

14:20 - At what point do you feel it’s acceptable to start putting up the Christmas decorations?

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