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Season 2 - Episode 4

Date: Nov 30, 2020

Season 2 - Episode 4

Are you ready for Q&A Monday, Season 2, Episode 4?

In this week’s session Boo & Helen field questions on VAT, Milestones, Bank Reconciliation and I’m A Celeb’.

Question 1:

00:09 - What would you say is the hardest part of being an accountant?

Question 2 :

01:29 - If your turnover drops below the VAT threshold is it wise/prudent to de-register for VAT or look at the other VAT rates available

Question 3:

04:37 - What milestones would you say a business would need to have ticked off to be classed successful?

Question 4:

06:23 - What do I need to do when I use bank reconciliation? I use to key on receipts, invoices, payments manually. But recently reconciled my bank accounts, is it really as simple as clicking though them assigning the type, the who and why?

Question 5:

07:50 - Do you ever regret starting your own business?

Question 6:

09:23 - If you were on Im A Celeb’ what would be your biggest fear?

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