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Season 3 - Episode 2

Date: May 10, 2021

Season 3 - Episode 2

In this episode of Q&A Helen and Boo are joined by special guest, Jim Culverwell a commercial property advisor to field any and all questions. 


Q1: How can a commercial property advisor help me and why should I use one?

Q2: Is it better to rent or buy a commercial property? 

Q3: If my business is looking to rent a commercial property what things do I need to think about? What would be included in the rental? 

Q4: Is it wise to take on commercial space at this current time or hold off with staff working remotely for the time being?

Q5: How easy is it to challenge rates on a commercial unit or shop? 

Q6: Do you think there will be a lot more redevelopment to reduce larger premises into smaller hubs in the future?

Q7: What do you think the office, shop or commercial space of 2022 and beyond would look like?

Q8: If I’m looking to invest in property, in your opinion would I be better off in the private residential or industrial, commercial markets? 




If you have any further questions you would like to direct at either Boo, Helen or Jim please do so in the comments below, send us a message or email


Thank you for watching :) 


Helen, Boo, Jim & Bertie