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Summer's Here!

Date: Aug 05, 2019

Summer's Here!

Feel good factor!

Summer is here – have you got that ‘feel good’ feeling yet? Have you been able to manage your business and a summer holiday?


Taking time out of the business when you’re a business owner can feel like a big deal. There’s always so much going on, you’re too busy, you don’t want to let your customers down and it’s all going to fall over if you’re not there! But the benefits of taking some time out are worth it – you get back to work feeling energised and raring to go. It’s just so important to take care of yourself by stepping off the treadmill from time to time and concentrating on you and your wellbeing.

Calm and relaxed

Where do you enjoy going on holiday and what do you like to do? What helps you feel calm and relaxed? Perhaps it’s a walk with the dog amongst the trees reminding you of the life outside of work – trees growing and surviving across the seasons, a bit like your business surviving its stages of growth! Or sitting on the beach watching the waves ebb and flow, the same as your ideas and thoughts about your business ebb and flow.

When you switch off and stop thinking about work it helps you to find clarity or think about things differently. Sometimes, you come up with the best ideas for you and your business when you’re not trying to force the process. The summer slowdown can be a great opportunity to gently reflect on all those ideas and ambitions – taking you back to why you started in business.

Time to reflect

Think about your business journey so far and give yourself credit for all that you’ve already achieved. Then reflect on your business performance and think about your thoughts and actions for the next steps. Maybe when you’re back in the business after a summer break feeling refreshed and buzzing with ideas, a Business Review, some Coaching or Planning could help you with putting your goals and aspirations in progress.

All of that, just from being able to switch off over summer!

Switch off!