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Time for a Break?

Date: Jul 22, 2019

Time for a Break?

The sunshine is out, the kids are breaking up from school – it must be.

“Time for a Break”!

For a lot of small businesses, the lead up to the summer months can feel like a huge pressure as you rush to get things done before you, and many others, take a break. When you get there, you’re probably feeling slightly shattered, like you’ve just about survived and the last thing on your mind is thinking any more about your business. Sound familiar?

The summer months though, are a fantastic opportunity to take time out and get some much-needed head space to ponder on

“What’s next”

A lot of businesses tend to slow down in July and August because you might not have the staff available to support normal service levels, or perhaps you as a business owner are taking time off so the pace naturally drops in your absence. But sometimes, that’s a good thing!

When you’re relaxed and enjoying the sunshine (we hope!), you may find that you have nuggets of inspiration about your business that just pop into your head. When you’re not thinking too hard about it and don’t have other distractions, your mind can become clear for thoughts to form more easily.

Make sure you jot your ideas and thoughts down to get them out of your head and on to paper, to explore further when you’re back and raring to go!

The inspiration may be about the direction you want your company to go. Perhaps it’s a growing business and you want to bring some stability to it through new staff or managing your cashflow better. Or maybe you’ve got some ideas for new products or a change in direction.

Your idea might just be around how to do things better for your customers and the business. Changing how a business process works or how your customers interact with you can have a huge impact on your business.

Maybe you’re not taking time off but are taking advantage of the ease in pace of normal daily demands because your customers are taking a break.

It’s a great time to tackle those strategic tasks that as business owners, you should be doing but they get put to one side due to business demands. How about dusting off that business plan and making sure it’s still in line with your goals and aspirations? Or planning your social media and marketing so you’ve got content lined up in advance, ready to go?! Maybe catching up with your finances if it’s one of those things you tend to put off!

Either way, whether you’re taking a break or business has just eased in pace…