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We Are Back!

Date: Sep 03, 2019

We Are Back!

It’s been a great summer all round – time off and nice weather (well, sometimes!), but also a chance to step back from the day to day busyness of work and think about our next steps, plans and strategic ideas for Troy Accounting. We’ve listened to client feedback in terms of their business needs and our services and are excited to tell you that there are a few changes afoot!


We recognise that our clients and their businesses are all unique, so we’ve designed new service offerings that can be tailored to each and every one. We understand that every business is at a different stage in its growth and business journey, and so have based the new service levels on that understanding. To give you an idea, we’ve named these so that you can get sense of where your business might sit.

  • Set for success
  • Ignite growth
  • Develop and flourish
  • Thrive and mature

So, perhaps your business started up only recently and you just need basic services for now such as year-end accounts and tax returns. Or maybe you’re more established than that and have been in business for a few years, with staff and complex processes. You’re therefore looking for a focus on business review to make sure you’re still heading in the right direction, or need additional accounting services such as VAT, payroll and forecasting.

But you don’t have to decide where you sit because we will be spending time with our existing and prospective clients to really understand what stage they are at, and to make sure the services being offered are the right ones for them.


This is an area of our business that we’re passionate about developing for our clients. Personally, and in our own business, we’re always looking to develop our knowledge and learning. Not just technical accounting type “stuff” which is crucial in our business (!) but personal development and wider business knowledge too.

We believe in arming our clients with the knowledge to be the best they can be, in the same way that we strive for the same. For that reason, we are developing a dedicated training area and a range of business courses called “Training Sparks” which will be launched in early 2020. Again, this is in response to our client feedback and their business needs.

The feedback from the attendees who participated in our QuickBooks and Xero beginner and improver level courses this year was fantastic, so we’ll be delivering more of these courses next year. You can register your interest in the Training Sparks area on the website.

Next, we’re really excited to be working with five businesses in our trusted network to bring an all-inclusive business development course to you in early 2020. This will cover all aspects needed as a business owner to help you understand and grow your business and are all critical to business success. You can register your interest in the Training Sparks area on the website and we’ll keep you updated as we release the details!!

And finally, the online Training Sparks development is fully underway with a new training portal for guidance notes, “how to….” webinars and useful “hints and tips” – all styled in the Troy way – human and understandable! Initially access will be to support our clients but moving towards an offering for other businesses too.

All these courses and training portals are aimed at arming businesses with the tools needed to be more in control over day to day finances and therefore able to make better business decisions to help your business succeed!

Doing the best for our clients!

Overall, Troy Accounting channel our energies into doing the best for our clients and the changes we are making, are doing just that!!!