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Who's in Control - You or Your Business?

Date: Jun 05, 2019

Who's in Control - You or Your Business?

Do you feel that your business is running you rather than you running your business?

Of course we'd all like to think it's us - it's our business after all !! But sometimes, without even realising it, this control can shift and it's actually your business running you.

It’s quite common for business owners to feel that their finances are a scary task which turns into a project with a never ending deadline. However, sometimes when you get going you realise that this mountain you had to climb was actually a more manageable hill.

Our clients can come to us feeling scared, embarrassed, overwhelmed and annoyed. Sometimes they’re so frustrated and angry at themselves it can be a block to actually starting the work.

A chat with someone else can really clear your thoughts and help you realise that things can be solved more easily than you expected!

At Troy Accounting we always try to think what do we NEED to do, what do we WANT to do and HOW can we achieve it. We break our to do lists into bite size chunks so we can see a clear way on how we can make progress.

We may joke about how at everyone loves to cross something off the to do list, even if you’ve just added it, but it’s actually really motivating. It helps you to see how your day to day business tasks and challenges can be managed.

For business owners, its not just about completing the finance work, you have a multitude of things that need to get done. One of the things we find works for us is to brain dump everything that’s in your head onto a bit of paper.

By removing all the information from your head and writing it down can bring you some head space to start thinking a bit more clearly about what you need to achieve.

The key thing is to start.

For one of our clients, Marta from Walter & Florence, that was the exact thing that helped and it was so lovely to know that we’d made a difference for her, not just from a work perspective but also an emotional one. Marta kindly left us this review:

You are so much more than an accountant and it did me so much good to talk to you.

As a business owner it can be an emotional roller coaster and as your business grows those pressures can increase.

Boo and Helen find that a walk in the countryside or along the sea front can really clear their heads. It refreshes and renews your energy as you’re away from the business. Many business owners, ourselves included, struggle to step away from the business. Sometimes though when you’re not thinking about the business great ideas can come to you.

The idea may be about a person that can help you, perhaps you’ve been thinking about out-sourcing some work, whether that’s your business finances, social media etc now could be a great time to investigate that a bit further.

It maybe that you want to get some training for yourself so that you can feel more confident in what you’re doing or perhaps the idea is how you can save time by changing the way you process something, such as your expenses.

As business owners, we can sometimes feel that we need to be able to do it all, however, we are allowed to ask for help. We do at Troy Accounting as we draw on the experts around us, say for marketing, that isn’t our normal comfort zone.

We’ve recently started working with a husband and wife who are often out of the country and not always able to be personally involved in the day to day running of their business. They knew that they had many manual processes that were inefficient, causing delays and additional cost but just couldn’t see how to change them.

At Troy Accounting we always look at the whole business so for this client we’re actually reviewing all of the processes both operational and financial. This way we can make sure that we’re fixing and moving the business forward as a whole. As they said

We wish that we’d sought your advice much sooner!

The end result for them will be that they will have a business

  • that can work more efficiently and quickly
  • where they know the task is only being done once
  • that they are saving time that can now be used for other things, perhaps growing the business
  • that spends less time on inefficient processes meaning less money spent and more time to make sales
  • visibility of the finances so they can make good business decisions
  • and most importantly time back to run the business they love

We see ourselves as your support unit, sounding board, and hand holding expert, turning the rocky landscape of business into a smooth mill pond you can glide through instead! Remember to celebrate that you’ve started on a journey to turn things around.

For us it’s not all about the numbers, it’s about you and your business. We support our clients to feel empowered, confident, and excited by your business again, putting you back in control.

If you think we sound like the kind of accountants you’d like to work with, give us a call. We promise you’ll be glad you did!