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Why Are We Called Troy Accounting?

Date: Mar 07, 2019

Why Are We Called Troy Accounting?

Traditionally accountancy has been a more male than female dominated arena. As a start up accountancy firm 2 years ago the name and branding colours felt key to being accepted.

Troy Accounting comes from the origin of Helen of Troy from Greek mythology. Helen being the link to the founder, Helen Clements, and Troy providing the masculine element.

The original colours of the brand were purple and dark blue. The aim of these colours was to provide an element of femininity in a masculine environment.

Old troy accounting logo.

When businesses search for a qualified Accountant there is still an element of surprise that Troy Accounting is led by a female team of Helen Clements and Boo Donovan. With 40 years of experience between us as qualified Accountants (ACA and ACCA) we have worked across all areas of a business in our careers up to Finance Director level.

We rebranded last year to our new logo and our strapline of Ignite Success bringing to the forefront the true meaning of what we are intending to do. Can you see the link back to our original origins in the flame of our new logo? (think of an Olympic torch)

New troy accounting logo.

Troy Accounting Ltd was set up to change how businesses and Accountants work together.

We are leading the way in making this happen by enabling businesses and Accountants to work collaboratively together without the fear or lack of communication that normally appears in this type of business relationship.

Helen Clements & Boo Donovan are friends who have known each other since school and still share the same values and interests in both personal and business life. They support each other and most importantly as individuals, they are what you see – genuine and passionate about everything they do.

Troy Accounting Ltd empowers businesses and business owners by enabling them to rediscover why they started in the first place and reconnect them with those aspirations and dreams. This helps drive them to make clear business decisions that align with the facts, figures and their business ethos.

We care about our clients and will do everything we can to support them in their business journey to success, no matter what that looks like.

No other accountancy firm works in the style that we do at Troy Accounting. We ensure that our clients have the personal approach to be able to work with us in the style that suits them the best. This may be regular face to face meetings, skype or telephone calls or perhaps just a quarterly check in email.

We believe that when our clients are really themselves and we are really us, we’re free to form an open and collaborative relationship that enables us to support the whole of their business.

By listening to our clients and understanding their business, we are able to help them achieve their dreams and push their business to its full potential.

Every success is individual and unique to each client. It isn’t always about making the most money sometimes it’s about staying true to their business beliefs and having the courage to say “no” to something that sits outside that and which could risk their business ethos.

Troy Accounting supports their clients from the very beginning of their business journey and throughout the changes that their business will go through over its lifetime.