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It is a legal requirement for all businesses, no matter the size, to keep accurate and consistent financial records and stay up-to-date with the processing of all the business financial transactions.

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We know how time-consuming bookkeeping can be. It is important to understand the financial position your business is in, not just from a legal point of view, but so you can make more informed decisions on important factors which may determine the on-going success of your company.


Bookkeeping Accountants

Why outsource your bookkeeping to an experienced team of Chartered Accountants?

  • You are giving yourself the peace of mind that you will have accurate and valuable financial information.
  • You will have access 24/7 to your cloud accounting bookkeeping in QuickBooks or Xero.
  • You are freeing up more of your own time to focus on other important aspects of the day-to-day running of your business.
  • As your company grows the amount of time spent doing bookkeeping will increase and can quickly become unmanageable.

Having our support in place means you can rest assured your bookkeeping is in good hands.

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Why choose us for your bookkeeping?

We work with a range of businesses from start-ups to long established companies.

  • You can be confident in our ability to complete the work to a high standard
  • We provide you with regular updates on your business finances
  • We can answer any questions you might have on your bookkeeping
  • We make sure you meet your regulatory responsibilities and deadlines

Other services that can help your business move forwards are our business health check and our 1-2-1 business growth meetings.


Need more than bookkeeping? You can outsource your whole finance team to us.


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Cloud Bookkeeping, VAT and Payroll FAQ

Cloud bookkeeping means that you use a finance system, we recommend QuickBooks or Xero, to record all your income and expenses in the business. The benefits of using a cloud-based system are:
• You can see a snapshot of your business finances on your laptop/Mac or mobile anywhere at any time
• We can see the same information as you and can help with any queries if you do your own bookkeeping
• You can easily upload your business expense receipts to the cloud-based system using your mobile phone or forwarding on an email, making sure that you never lose the paperwork
• It can help with any business decisions as you have your up-to-date business finances just a click away.
• It helps us to complete your business’ year-end work quickly meaning that you know your tax bill early and can save if you need to
• Reduced paper usage and waste

Yes absolutely. We will train you to be able to complete the bookkeeping for your business. It is a mandatory requirement of being a client of Troy Accounting that we train you.
This means that we know you have the correct knowledge to accurately complete your bookkeeping up to the standard we require so that we can help you.
If you already complete your bookkeeping we will review with you the data in the cloud-based system, being QuickBooks or Xero, and will provide feedback and hints and tips on how things could be streamlined to make things easier and more accurate.

We will review the data in the cloud-based system to check its accuracy. We will chat through with you anything that we find and how we can correct anything that isn’t okay.
There is nothing to worry about as “you don’t know what you don’t know” and we’ve studied for years and still complete training every year to stay on top of all the rules and regulations. We’re here to help you even if things are a bit mismatched initially.
We can update anything that needs to be amended and will let you know how we can help save you time and streamline your bookkeeping. We also offer further training so that you can have confidence in your bookkeeping work.

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