Business Health Check

Working with someone outside of the business can bring a different perspective as we're not involved in the day to day running of the business.

It is very likely that you will have ambitions for the growth of your business heading into the future and some idea of what is required to achieve these goals.


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What is the Goal of Strategic Planning?

Our aim is to maximise the growth potential of your business and help you reach your goals as quickly, efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible. We're Qualified Chartered Accountants with 20+ years of experience each, working with a variety of businesses from start-ups to multi-million turnover companies.

If asked, could you tell us:

  • What are the pain points in your business and do you know how to fix them?
  • What is the one thing you would change in your business if there were no limits on time or finances?
  • What are the imminent or present problems or concerns in your business using only the current insights and reports you receive?
  • What you want or need your business to deliver to achieve the turnover, profits and life style that you want?

Strategy is a theory until you hit reality


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Why Work With Us?

Every business owner needs someone they can turn to for support when there is pressure from every direction to make decisions. We work with you in partnership to agree the best plan, help you execute it and get you back on track.

We work with businesses of all sizes from start-up companies, who need everything designed and implemented from scratch, to established businesses who have got stuck in a rut, through to multi-million turnover businesses with a never-ending list of projects.

The team at Troy Accounting have lived and breathed the business world for over 40 years and so can present the options available to you in an easy-to-understand way so that you can make the best decisions possible for your business.


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Is It Time to Get Your Business Into Shape?

That's exactly what we're here for!