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Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk

Date: Jun 17, 2022

Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk

This book will open your eyes to the possible and the potential business opportunities that already exist without you realising it.

Gary is an absolute master at taking you through his own personal journey and success and how you can apply that for yourself and create a personal brand using your own interests as a business base.

He started with buying and selling baseball cards when he was a kid and would purchase those cards seen with less value and then sell them at a mark-up. Everyone wanted the high value cards but were buying them at a higher cost and then having to sell on those one or two cards to make a profit. Gary just went all in at the opposite end of the market and made a profit on lower value cards by walking around the events and marking his cards at a slightly lower price than everyone else. Okay, so the profit was lower, but he consistently made a profit. So much so, that his parents then used to drive him to the events with his friend, Brandon Warnke, to sell his baseball cards on a regular basis.

He then replicated the success in his dad’s wine business, which started out as a discount wine store and turned into a multi-million-dollar business. Gary started working there when he was just 15 and even though he couldn’t legally drink he trained his palate to be able to identify elements for when he could drink. This enabled him to build a personal brand and reputation about wine. He started, which still exists today, to promote various wines, which he’d also then reviewed and recorded on video and shared online.

I think the bit that I loved the most and which really resonated with me is what we try to do at Troy Accounting and that is to listen to your DNA as it will always lead you in the right direction.

Gary’s DNA description is that he was born to be a people person and to build businesses. He didn’t realise that at the time when he was buying and selling his baseball cards, but he was actually following what he was meant to do.

The book was first published in 2009 when some social media platforms were fairly new. However, this is still so relevant and gives you the tools to find the social media platforms and tools that suit you and your personality best. Whether that is video content or blogs for example.

The ideas on how you can find your passion are great exercises to really check if you're doing what you should be doing. If not and you want to follow your passion, then one of Gary's suggestions to check if this is really the path you should follow and are able to create a personal brand from, and potentially monetise, is to see if you can write down 50 blog topics that you really want to write about.

Really usefully, Gary uses an accountant as an example which was amazingly helpful and eye opening. We work with a brilliant marketing team, EMARI, and we trust them implicitly. This book really made all those things that they’ve told us a million times, such as how important your personal brand is and now, I understand so much more clearly what I need to do and what my responsibilities are to help them be the masters at what they do. Not that they hadn't explained to me before, but it took someone's personal story to bring it to life for me.

If you do want to follow your passion and start a new business then Gary provides the perfect map on what to do and when, that you can follow. There are so many step-by-step sections that you may think that it could be overwhelming but actually when you are talking about something that you're passionate about and that you want to bring in front of others it makes perfect sense.

It is one thing to have 50 topics to write a blog about however it is how you can differentiate from other people writing about the same subject. How do you come across as the expert above others?

Content is important and as is the medium in which you share it. However, as Gary said he only ever records the content once if it is a video. You may see him waving at people as they walk by, he doesn't tidy up his office if he films in there, so it is as it looks when he works in there. All these small elements allow you to be more authentically you. People will know if you put on a persona rather than be yourself.

This approach took me back to the beginning of the pandemic when I would record a video whilst out walking the dog - no make-up on - or more recently about actively listening sat in my house. The traction these videos got was some of the highest that we've ever had in social media as I was just being myself and sharing my knowledge and experience with no intention of receiving anything back. I just wanted to get the information out there to help other people.

This book has totally reiterated for me the approach that I really love, which is video. I love reading and writing a blog, but I know I can get more across about a book by doing a video review. Or even a video on other topics. It connects to my DNA of wanting to get information in front of others to help them and connects me to them.

If you're not sure what you want to do, or you're not particularly happy in your job then this is a great book to read to discover if perhaps you should be following your DNA in another direction.