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Develop Your Business

  • Your business is continually changing and it’s difficult to stay on top of everything
  • You feel that it is an on-going learning curve for you as a business owner and for any staff you may employ
  • You don’t take time away from the business to work on the business and if you do, it doesn’t feel productive
  • You think the business is doing okay but you’re not 100% sure

What Do You Get?

We will work with you to review the shape of your business currently and where you aspire the business growth to be. We’ll help turn those ideas into reality in real time.

You get a 1-2-1 meeting with Helen or Boo to work on your business, and not just in your business, in a focused meeting.

If you feel your business direction is forever changing as you grow, we’ll help you develop a plan to be able to diversify but without moving away from your core business values.

As your business and finance experts, we'll help develop your business to achieve the success that you’re after

  • We look at your customer journey as it is absolutely key to the success of your business and check for any changes that could make it even better
  • We check that you’re really making a profit on the products or services that you’re selling and if it isn’t as high as expected we look at ways to impact it
  • We’ll discuss those difficult decisions you have to make to check if there is anything that you should stop doing because it’s not working, not making you any money or just taking up too much of your time
  • We look at your ideal customer and check that you’re meeting their requirements. We work with you to understand this further and how one or two small changes can make a positive change to your business. And so much more …….


Why Work With Us?

We understand that whatever size your business is currently it will be constantly changing and evolving. How? As our business is too.

As business owners ourselves we’ve built a trusted network of other businesses that we can call on for help for those areas we’re not experts in.

We want to get you connected to like-minded business owners, so you have the support you need in areas you’re not an expert in. Why? We believe it’s the best way to learn, grow and build a successful company.

If things aren’t heading in the right direction in your business then we can help you get things sorted, help you to prioritise and turn your business around.

Every business, of any size and at any point in its business life, needs business development to thrive and survive. It’s an investment in you and your business.

You’ll get a clear plan of direction that your business needs to take so that you can make those changes and have a business that supports the life/work balance that you want to enjoy.

Have You Lost Direction in Your Business?

We can help you find your way again!

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