What is the process for changing accountants and how difficult will that be?

We make it as smooth a process as possible behind the scenes working with your previous Accountant. We know that switching can be a delicate and involved process.  So, all you need to do is let us know your current accountant’s details and we’ll take it from there! 

How will you communicate with me?

We are happy to communicate using your preferred method, whether that is face to face, video conference, email or telephone, it is up to you. 

Do I need to complete a self assessment tax return?

Our self assessment tax returns are split into 3 levels. We’ve added some useful questions here to help you decide if you fall into one of these categories. If you need support to understand if this is applicable to you just get in contact. There is useful information on the HMRC website following the links below if you wanted an initial review yourself.



What do I need to do if I employ someone and what will my responsibilities as an employer be?

Taking on staff can be a daunting next step in your business growth because you are responsible for them!  We will support you through this decision by getting you set-up as an employer with HMRC and walking you through your responsibilities and payroll requirements.  Follow the link below to the HMRC website for an initial view of what this means or get in contact with us for further information.


Am I the type of business you would deal with?

We can deal with clients ranging from high net worth individuals to start-up sole traders through to established limited companies. 

How often will I hear from you?

We are not the type of accountants that will contact you only once a year for information for your annual accounts or tax returns!  We are passionate about building two-way relationships with our clients so communications between us will reflect that.  We are always here if you have a query, want to chat things through or need support.

How do I know whether I should be a sole trader or limited company?

There is useful information on the HMRC website following the link below if you wanted an initial understanding yourself, but of course we are here to explain and support you with making the right decision for you and your business. Please contact us here.