You are a business owner who would like someone else at a higher level to bounce ideas off, to talk through decision making or to review company strategy 



As a business owner, you could do with additional high-level support to help make business decisions or run projects – we are here to provide that for you.

Following initial consultation to understand the areas you need support with, we can offer Finance Director services to work alongside you and help achieve your aims

From the outcomes of business development work, you’ve got ideas for change in the business – processes, systems or structure – and need support to lead the project.


Project work

Arising from the outcomes of any of the systems or business development bundles, or individual business development services we can carry out or support project work to achieve changes, improvements and control over your business

Price on application


Finance Director services

We can support you as a business owner providing Finance Director services such as:

  • The review of current company strategy, identifying risks and providing recommendations

  • Board level support

  • Review of senior management team – right people in the right place

  • Attendance of Board Meetings / Bank meetings

  • Mentoring/coaching for succession planning in Finance or other senior business roles

Price on application