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Is Wealth Management for everyone?

Date: Jun 07, 2021

Is Wealth Management for everyone?

Q&A Monday | Season 3 | Episode 3 | Question 5

Wealth Management always seems intense like I need to be a lottery winner or bank with Coutts, but are you accessible to everyone?

Eliot Jones of Christopher Jones Wealth Management recently answered this question for us.

“Absolutely, Yeah, this is a really, really good question.

In the past I think we have had that where people say “Wealth Management, Oh, But I don’t have much wealth.”

But actually the truth is, there is no minimum investment. It’s actually being able to help and guide people long term through their journey.

We deal with a range of different values of whatever one deems to be wealth, so no, it’s completely an open book. It is really important people get the advice they need and that is particularly important for us as a firm.”