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As a limited company you have a legal obligation to submit annual statutory accounts to Companies House and an annual Corporation Tax return to HMRC.

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You are required to keep accurate and consistent financial records using cloud accounting so that you can report your annual results, VAT and payroll with confidence.


Limited Company Accountant

It is important that you have all the information you need to make the best decisions for your business.

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  • You’re starting to feel that things are getting out of control with the finances and everything else that a business owner needs to do
  • You’re craving more visibility of your finances as you have future plans but aren’t sure if your business can survive these changes
  • You have nobody to talk to about your business because you’re the boss, but you want to test your ideas or manage your challenges with someone else
  • We complete your annual statutory accounts required by Companies House using the information from QuickBooks or Xero. We’ll talk you through what they show so you’ve got a good understanding before you sign the accounts, and we submit them.
  • We complete the annual corporation tax return and after you’ve approved it, we submit it to HMRC. We will make sure you understand what tax you have to pay and when.


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Why work with us?

  • We want you to succeed so as a team of experienced Chartered Accountants we can make sure you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to make good decisions for your business.
  • There will be no accountancy jargon – we’ll answer your questions in an easy-to-understand way to help you make sense of the choices available to you.
  • We help you keep accurate and consistent financial records using cloud accounting so you can report your Bookkeeping, VAT and Payroll responsibilities with confidence
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all your responsibilities, we can provide mentoring and training for you as a business owner on running and managing a business.
  • We can work alongside you as your outsourced Finance Director, offering valuable business health checks, business development, growth plans and strategic advice at the level that fits your business needs.
  • Giving your business the best chance of success doesn’t have to be tricky – we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


Limited Company FAQ

You can pay yourself a mixture of salary and dividends from your limited company. We can help you decide on how much salary you take to ensure the most efficient tax position for you personally and for the limited company.

There are several reporting requirements for your limited company with the main ones being the annual accounts and company tax return, as well as the annual return to Companies House.
We will make sure that you meet all the regulatory deadlines. At a high level:
- Annual accounts submitted to Companies House 9 months after the end of the company’s financial year
- Payment of Corporation Tax 9 months + 1 day after the end of the company’s financial year
- Annual return to Companies House (confirmation statement) as dictated by Companies House and shown on their website for your business
If you are VAT registered and an employer then there are separate deadlines for these that we will make sure you are aware of and have time to submit everything.

Your main responsibilities are set out in the Companies Act which is a piece of legislation that forms the main source of company law.
The key thing is that you must always act solely in the interest of the company and follow the company’s rules which are shown in the “articles of association” that were written when the company was registered.
You are required to keep company records and report any changes which include details of the company itself (directors / shareholders / shareholder votes / loans secured against the company assets, for example), as well as accounting records.
There are many other responsibilities, but we can guide you and support you to ensure you are meeting all your obligations as the director of your limited company.

By law, you must keep records of all your business income and expenses, and the supporting evidence of these (i.e. invoices / sales receipts / expense receipts / supplier bills). We recommend that you keep all this information in a cloud-based accounting system such as Xero or QuickBooks.
HMRC requires you to have supporting evidence to be able to claim business expenditure and to show that is wholly, exclusively and necessarily for business purposes, and therefore allowable to claim against your corporation tax bill. The rules on what you can and can’t claim can be complicated so we will work closely with you and your business to make sure you’re claiming the right things!

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