Project Support

You can have a part-time Finance Director as you and your business need it with no long-term commitment. You can scale up or scale down your support as required which is perfect for a growing SME.

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We will work together on a range of projects that your business needs to complete, at the level that is right for your business.


What does Project Support mean?

Together we will agree a clear roadmap as to how we will work towards resolving all the issues, either as one off projects or regular 1-2-1 support..

  • We will initially work with you to identify every problem and challenge you’re facing and get everything into the open. It’s a great way to declutter your head and can be a relief for you as a business owner that it’s all down on paper.
  • We’ll look at issues that are current, or perhaps have been challenging for months or years, along with the future plans of your business.


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What you can expect?

  • We work in partnership with you to understand the direction you want your business moving towards
  • We help you make that happen by becoming part of your team and navigating you to make your smartest decisions
  • We keep you accountable to the targets we have agreed to make sure that everyone is working at the same pace to achieve the goals set
  • We give you transparency of all our work and findings and work with you to implement positive changes in your business


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How do we work with you?

  • Assessment of the current state of the business by analysing the current capabilities, environment and financials of the business
  • Development of a plan by determining the tactics required to attain your business goals, setting timelines to achieve the changes, agree who in the business is critical in making sure these goals are achieved
  • Execute the plan by making sure that it is communicated to the critical people in your business who need to be onboard to achieve the objectives and move the goals forward
  • Review and refine the agreed and plan and objectives at predetermined intervals to assess the progress made and make adjustments as necessary based on what has been successful and what has not yet been achieved


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