Who’s in control - you or your business?

Do you feel that your business is running you rather than you running your business?

Do you know what you NEED to do, WANT to do and HOW you’re going to achieve it?

Why don’t you complete our business checklist below to see how you and your business are working together..

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Do you feel that you're at personal capacity? Is your to-do list getting out of control?
Are you doing things many times to achieve one thing or complete just one task? Do you feel time poor and that things take too long?
Could there be a blurred line between admin and finance now, and who's responsible for which tasks?
Do you feel you're achieving what you set out to do?
Can you easily access the monthly business reports you need?
For example, do you track your customer conversions and sales? Do your customers talk about you and your services in a positive light?
Do you have a clear view of where your business is heading? Do you have detailed financial goals?
Would it be useful to stand back and review your business with an independent eye? Could you do with help to formulate your financial business plans?