Surround yourself with great people



We believe that working alongside great people is the key to success. We are lucky to collaborate and work closely with many local businesses and wanted to showcase them here:

The Brandologist

“As a Creative Brand Consultant I help small businesses to define what makes them different, then translate that through to an extraordinary, compelling visual expression that’s rich in detail & story.  

I provide a highly personalised service to truly get to know you & your business, combining brand strategy with brand identity creation. I work as a team with designers, web designers & photographers.”

Culverwell Consulting

“For small business owners/operators, with a challenge or decision concerning their premises, my Mentoring Session is highly effective and great value for money. Details here.  Also full service consultancy is available as the client requires it.  Clients get access to over thirty-five unique years, in the world of commercial property.  The outcomes are universally successful”

Kelly Louise West

"As a business and lifestyle mentor I specialise in helping my clients accelerate online. Guiding them through making important decisions within their business.

Together we find out what makes you and your business unique, learn how to communicate this online and offline, build a network that supports you and ultimately, give you control of your life.”

Clean Slate Websites

"I take pride in making sure I provide my clients with jargon free, easy to edit websites that can grow with them and their business.

A complete business overview is taken with each website build so that I can be confident my client is off to a flying start - a website is much more than just a pretty online space.”

Action Coach Solent

“ActionCOACH Solent is the leading business coaching firm in South Hampshire and part of the world's number one business coaching organisation. Our mission is to help business owners Grow and Improve their business, make more money and have more time to enjoy it, because owning a business should give you more life. We achieve this by providing coaching, training, mentoring and advice that gets results.”

Sociable Suzy

Do you want to unleash the power of social media to promote your business and speak to customers online but don't know where to start or how to keep going? Why not call Suzy?

Suzy offers individualised social media marketing support to SMEs in and around Winchester, Hampshire. With a 13 year corporate marketing, sales and training heritage, Suzy combines her marketing expertise and brings it to life online, via social media.”