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Collaboration Is Key!

Date: Oct 16, 2019

Collaboration Is Key!

Collaboration is currently a real buzz word in the business world, but what does it mean? The definition according to the Cambridge Dictionary is:

the situation of people working with an enemy who has taken control of their country

Hmmm…… Not sure that was the one we were after!!

How about:

the situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing

Or even better, the Business English definition according to the Cambridge Dictionary is:

the act of working together with other people or organisations to create or achieve something

The last definition is pretty much describing Troy Accounting and one of our most important values – working with our clients to help them succeed.

The thing is, as a business owner, it can be a tough and lonely job working on your own and trying to run a business. You know what you’re good at and are brilliant at it, which is why you’ve gone into business doing it, but you don’t know what you don’t know.

For example, you might be a great recruitment consultant and can talk to candidates and employers confidently identifying their needs and where there might be synergies, but when it comes to marketing or setting up a website, it’s beyond you! Or, you might be highly skilled in your engineering profession and your customers highly regard you for your expertise, but you might not understand the finances or even want to go near them!

It’s about having a trusted network around you….

You can’t be skilled at everything or know everything there is to know about being in business… We certainly don’t (and are not afraid to admit it!) which is why we choose to collaborate with people who are experts in their own fields to support us. Whether that’s supporting us with our own business at Troy Accounting, or helping our clients with something that we’re not expert at ourselves (i.e. marketing / insurance / financial advice around pensions / IT (definitely not experts at IT!)). It’s all about having a trusted network around you.

Similarly, business owners choose to collaborate with us because they need support with their accounting and finances. Maybe that’s for some training on QuickBooks or Xero, or a business review looking at their financial results or forecasts, or even a project. Importantly though, it’s not just a delegation of those things needing support, it’s a collaboration. We work together with you to help you understand the numbers or to make decisions off the back of them – we don’t just “do” it (unless that’s what you want of course!)…

Exciting announcement!!

Talking of our own collaboration with experts, we are excited to announce that we’re going to be launching a Business Development Course in March 2020, with some key experts in our trusted network participating in the delivery of certain elements of the course. It will be aimed at business owners who are in a growth stage on their business journey, who feel perhaps that their business is running them rather than them running their business…. It happens to all of us at some point! The control shift happens without you even realising it.

The business development course will enable you to learn from the business experts that we’re collaborating with and will give you the tools to support your business growth. It will also give you the opportunity to learn and work with other business owners and share experiences and ideas…

Register your interest…..

So, watch this space for more details, and register your interest with us HERE to get the news first. We are really excited to be working together with those experts and with you, to achieve success for you in your businesses!!

Because ultimately…………

Collaboration is Key!